Circle of Truth Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog. Circle of Truth exhibition curated by Laura Hipke & Shane Guffogg. A visual game of “Telephone” played by 49 contemporary artists on absolute secrecy over a period of 9 years. Ed Ruscha, Shane Guffogg, Billy Al Bengston Lita Albuquerque, Charles Arnoldi, Ruth Weisberg, Robert Williams, Lisa Adams, Jim Morphesis, Bari Kumar, Kim Abeles, Alison Van Pelt, Daniel Peacock, Andy Moses, Michael Andrew Rosenfeld, Stanley Dorfman, Timothy Isham, Doro Hofmann, Susan McDonell….


Randy's Hipke's brilliant design of the Circle of Truth exhibition catalog devotes a full spread to each of the 49 artists. Most spreads include images of the visiting painting, the response painting and the artist's essay. The essays provide a rare gimps into the artist's experience and though process. The sequential lay out keeps the reader on track while the innovative "crawl" of paintings at the bottom of each page offers the reader quick reference and also context in the progression of the project.

8.5 X 11 inches
126 pages

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